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Backup and Recovery

Premium UK Backup Storage Service – Hosted in our own datacenter.

Put simply, there is no service quite like ours.  


eRIGHT Hosted Backup

As a Managed IT Services company, its important to ensure our clients have reliable and fast backup services. 

Incidents can happen at any time – it can be anything from a mistake with the mouse, a disgruntled employee or at worst case a fire… 

We still find old Standalone Tape, or Hard Drive backups….
Did you know – in an average server environment a Tape backup could take 2-3 days to restore and re-setup in the event of a disaster. Worst of all that could be LAST WEEKS tape! 

eRIGHT have a better solution. Your entire server can be streamed off-site. Including User Accounts, Permissions, Files, Programs, and Databases. With support for Windows & Linux. Microsoft Hyper-V.

We offer a bespoke package to your needs using a combination of: File Backup, Server Backup, Virtualisation and Instant Disaster Recovery with Second Site.

Constant Off-Site Backups

Managed by our team - No need to check and swap drives daily

Reduced ICO Risk of misplaced drives.

Backups are ALWAYS Off-Site (no swap day)

Full Backup, allowing for a quick & responsive service and restore.


How we protect your data…

Security is of number one concern to us. We do not outsource any of our data storage, or management. All of your data is stored at a pre-arranged location within our facilities

We only hold client data on Encrypted Servers with 256 Bit Cyphers and data in transit is always protected with 256 Bit encryption via industry leading SSL or VPN technology. 

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

At eRIGHT we use our own facilities for client Backup Services. 
We provide written policies and procedures agreed beforehand for your assurance.

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